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Running to Raise Awareness and Fundraising for GBS CIDP Foundation International

On November 14th, João Mateus, a 33-year-old Portuguese fund manager and marathon runner, paid tribute to his grandmother, Maria Manuela Mateus – loved and cherished by all. Manuela Mateus was born in Grândola-Alentejo, in the South of Portugal and worked at António Inácio da Cruz Secondary School. Unfortunately, Manuela passed away in 2016 due to complications of GBS. With the main purpose of raising the highest amount of funds possible to support GBS | CIDP Foundation International’s Research Grant Program, as well as raising awareness for this neurologic disease, Joao Mateus ran approximately 56 miles (90kms) from his home door in Amadora (Lisbon) to his grandmother’s former home.  Congratulations Joao, and thank you for your support and dedication to the mission of GBS|CIDP Foundation International!